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It's What's Next


PSA Video for Recycle Me Iowa

This is a short video that I did for Recycle Me Iowa…..

Budget = zero

Fun = Hell Ya.

Mardi Gras Mood

A little slide show from Mardi Gras 2008 to help get your party mood on……..

Timelapse, A day in the life of Sapphire Beach

This is a video made  from the every 20 second stills that were taken on Dec 23, 2010.  It starts just before dawn and runs until after sunset. 

The thirteen hours of still pictures runs in about a minute.

Watch the shadows from the palm trees.


Hurricane Earl, USVI

Hurricane Earl came within 60 miles of St Thomas on Aug 30th.  This video was shot about four hours before it was at it’s closest point.

Video, Iowa State Fair 2010

The Iowa State Fair was fun as always.  It was rich with video opportunity.


Final Edit 48 Hour Film

This is the final edit of our 48hour film.  Time to move on to another project.   We shot a few scenes this weekend to help clarify a couple of plot points.   I also used some music under the creative commons license.

Obviously, the original film is the one that got turned in.  This is just the edit that I wanted to do so that I felt the project was done.

This is the one to watch.  It is coherent, moody, and complete.


Cut Scene from our 48Hour submission

This scene was cut from our original submission.  It was fun to do, but the time constraints made it impossible to include.  This is RJ as the plumber and his grandchildren as the “kids”

We are working on  a final cut that will include this scene.

Our 48 Hour film.

Well, the 48 hour film festival is over.  I have been up for the last 40 hours straight and I am tired.    It was fantastic fun.  I assembled a wonderful team of people and am very proud of the work that we did.   I would love to make a feature film!  There are a few things I would do different, but not many.  I would mainly do the same things next year but be a little wiser. 

Our film Genre was Silent Movie so there could be no dialogue.  There could be music and sound effects.  I chose no sound effects.  (with the exception of a record screech and a video game coin sound)

Please leave a comment!


Silent Film – Our 48 Hour Film Project Genre

Well, after weeks of anticipation, we drew our Genre.  SILENT FILM.  It is definitely restricted by having NO DIALOGUE, it is not restricted in that it can be comedy, horror, drama etc.  We are busy putting together the most ridiculous seven minutes of film ever.


The prop is coins, the character is Carl or Carla Ross (A Plumber).  The required line of dialogue is “Who came up with that?”

Casting Day, 48hour film project.

Casting for the 48 hour film project was tonite.   These are photos that I captured.

Lightning, July 14, 2010

48 Hour Film Festival Hits Des Moines (and me)

Times are busy, busy, busy.   A good group of folks and myself have entered the 48 hour film contest in Des Moines.    Starting at 6:30 on Friday July 23 and running until 6:30 Sunday July 25, (48hours), our team, (and about 40 other teams in DSM) will write, shoot, and edit an 8-10 minute short film.  For the  next ten days we will be practicing writing, filming, lighting, and editing so that when the 23rd comes, we will be ready.  None of our practice stuff will make it into the film in any way, (that is the whole idea of everything happening in 48 hours).  However, these two clips are from a practice session last weekend.  ENJOY!


48 Hour Film Festival Hits Des Moines Practice Clip 2

To re-iterate, these are practice sessions for acting, and camera angles and sound.  We have no idea what our genre or film will end up being.

“Black Iowa Dirt” – William Elliott Whitmore

This is William Elliott Whitmore singing “Black Iowa Dirt” at the 80-35 music festival in Des Moines over the Fourth of July weekend.  I recorded the audio separately and added some video from the festival to round out the four and a half minutes of video that I shot from this song.   Here is a link to his site

Demolition at the Polk County Jail

They are demolishing the old Polk County Jail.  Fun to watch.  I am working on a long video of NYC, and Washington D.C. expect it soon.

Ukulele, Jim “Jimboni”

Friend of couchsurfing host, Indianapolis, Indiana.

NYC, Central Park

These people look like they belong in a United Colors of Benneton ad.  They were just hangin out in Central Park.    This is a straight clip, no editing or color correcting.  Straight from the camera, web-u-lated and then posted.

HDR Video Grays Lake

HDR for photography is fantastic.    With it you can get anything from a subtle enhancement of an already great photo to a hyped up surreal acid-trip version of the real world.   

Video is just moving photography.   I took the Grays lake video and changed it all to still photos in a directroy (45oo stills in fact) I then converted them to HDR in Mediachances’s software Dynamic Photo HDR.   I set up a batch to do the same thing to all 4500 pictures.  I then imported them back into my editing software and made them back into a movie.  I edited out some parts of the original video because it did not all take well to the process.  This post represents the effort.

My next step is to shoot a video from the beginning with the idea that I am going to make it HDR.   There are just some subjects and shooting styles that will work very well with this technique.

The music for this video is Mellissa Hyman’s “Let Me Keep You”.


Grays Lake Video

The music for the video is Justin Ewart’s  “In My Dream”.


HDR (Video) Second Trial

Ok, so I took a ten second video clip, exported it as 300 seperate images, made them all hdr in photoshop, and then imported them back into a video.  I will be doing more projects like this.


HDR (Video) First Attempt

This video was kind of funny anyway.  I used it to test a plan to make video into hdr video.  This was my first attempt!


Bad-Ass Cat

Full Sapphire Beach Video

This is the video that is currently playing at Sapphire Beach on Channel six.  It is 90 minutes long.   It was shot over the last three years.

-Mark- and Zak Evans from Utah

Zak Evans, my great CS  friend from Utah ordered a box of random stuff from when I was there in December.  I wrote a little post when I was intoxicated that described the ordeal.  This is a link to that post…. <-be sure to read this post to get up to speed on THIS post. 

This is the video of the hip-hoppin-hippies.