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Barbacoa, excellent food, crock pot convenient.

Mexican food is one of my favorite cultural diversions. I love traditional Mexican cooking. The spices, textures, heat and aroma make for an intoxicating meal. This story would be much more fun if I could say that I got my recipe from some family in northern Mexico on an extended stay there. That is not the case. It is however adapted from a Rick Bayless recipe, and I can assure you, HE got it from some family in Northern Mexico on some extended stay there.

Barbacoa usually refers to meat including goat or sheep that are slowly cooked over fire. Rick Bayless is even more traditional and cooks the meat in a covered pit at low temperature for many hours. The result is tender meat that is well spiced and excellent as a base for many Mexican foods.

The recipe that I use for barbacoa uses the crock pot and a three pound beef or pork roast. The recipe that I use can be found here. It makes excellent barbacoa and is easy to prepare and serve.

I make fresh salsa as well. A couple of tomatoes diced, four cloves of garlic, eight sprigs of cilantro, a couple of green onions and the juice of one lime. Add salt and pepper to taste and WOW.

Serve with CORN tortillas, lime wedges, salsa, sour cream, optionally rice or beans. It is a great meal that makes great leftovers.


Couchsurfing Chicago Style

Amy IS salsa!

Amy IS salsa!

First of all, let me say. I think they really got something right with this couchsurfing….

Recently I had the chance to visit Chicago CS style. I packed up some road food, (tortillas, peanut butter, honey and chips) loaded up my audio book and set out for Chicago from Des Moines. First stop was the wonderful condo very near downtown of Daryl, a 30yr old OR nurse who has been with couchsurfing since 2007. He showed me his place, gave me a set of keys to the very secure building and then he left for work. The place was great, had a spare bedroom and bathroom, and was in a wonderful location. I made a tortilla with PB and honey and headed out to Chicago on the EL train. Ten minutes later I was downtown. Over the next two days a fellow couchsurfer, Zac arrived and we hit a number of museums. (I have a membership to the Sci center of Des Moines, this got us into the field museum, The Chicago science center and the Adler planetarium all at NO charge.) Daryl had to work days so he caught up with us nights and showed us around Chicago including the best place to take a skyline picture!

We were having a wonderful time in Chicago and no place yet to stay on Friday. (Daryl had other surfers coming in) We went to the Chicago couchsurfing event on Thursday night. I met a bunch of cool couchsurfers including Amy and Greg. Greg said we could crash wherever he was crashing on Friday night. Amy was having a salsa party fundraiser on Friday night and she invited Zac and I to go. When we arrived we could hear the salsa music from a block away. It was great fun, there were many interesting people there. We met Amy’s roomates and all of us went out for drinks afterward. Everybody was very nice. We ended up staying at Amy’s place which was just a short walk from the bar. She had a great place, a comfy couch and a great shower! I left for home on Saturday morning. Viva la couchsurfing!!!


Random pics from this trip!